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What is SEO?

A service that allows your business to dominate local searches for all different kinds of search terms your customers are looking for. This is an on-going effort to improve your online visibility that results in more monthly visitors to your website.

SEO is Two-Part Process

On-Page SEO (the foundation): the thoughtful and strategic placement of keywords on your website based on factual data from the search engines (keyword research). This means you must know what your ideal customers are searching for and incorporate that into your website’s content. On-Page SEO is a one-time cost and is included with all of our website builds.

The content on your website is there to communicate with two audiences, the search engines, and your customers. To effectively communicate with the search engines, your website must include proper header tags, title tags, page descriptions, and schema markup, just to name a few.

To effectively communicate with your customers, you need to make it very clear that they are in the right place when they come to your website and giving them plenty of call to action.

Off-Page SEO (the secret sauce): having influential and relevant sources talk about and link to your website. Off-Page SEO is an on-going service that comes with a monthly cost. When you pay a company to provide you with off-page SEO services, you’re paying them to find relevant and powerful sources to provide links to your website. Google views these links as votes but not all votes are created equal. If you’re interested in learning more about the tactics we use to rank our clients’ websites, please give us a call 

Does your business Need SEO?

SEO is a service that any small business who is looking for more leads should invest in. Investing in an SEO service is not about ranking #1 on Google’s search results, it’s about leads. Ranking at the top of Google is a byproduct of a good SEO service.

The difference between the number of leads a website receives that is found at the top of page one and the bottom of page one is astounding. So much so that you wouldn’t believe it until you see it.

Unfortunately, search engine optimization is not a service that happens quickly. In the absolute best case scenario, you could see results in 30 days. More realistically, it will take at least 6 months to see a website rank at the top of the search engines and this is with moderate competition in your market.

When selecting a company to provide SEO services, you get what you pay for. If you’ve been paying a company for SEO and it’s been 6 months or more without anything to show for it, contact us. Our FREE website analysis comes with an SEO site audit, helping you identify the competition in your online market and where your website stacks up to your competition.

SEO Packages

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