Planning Well-Timed Marketing Campaigns

Creating a well-timed content, timing it to a special day often is a good idea. You write content according to a certain event or occasion and schedule your social media posts so it could correlate to the day it was supposed to be released. You catch the peak of the interest in a certain topic, amplifying your content assets effectively.

Posting content at the right time can be beneficial for your business. Having said that, it is high time that you capitalize on it now with the many options offered by the web and social media.

You need to identify the channels that you will use to distribute your well-timed content. You have your website, other sites that accept content, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Create a campaign schedule

Content marketing campaigns can be timed to global or country-specific holidays, like Christmas, Halloween, or Black Friday. Here are good lists from Sprout Social and Wave.

Seasonal content is essential to any business, as these kinds of posts give an emotional connection between its targeted clients. Having said that, to know the time where you will publish your content, you need to listen to your audience. This is through looking at your analytics and scouring through reactions on your previously published content. You can incorporate these holidays and awareness days in your content marketing, even just by using Google Sheets to create your content calendar.

Connect The Dots

Once you have your list of holidays and events, you need to fill the gap between the trend and your brand’s value proposition. What is the relevance of that holiday to your brand? Keyword research can help you figure out this common denominator.

Make sure that you have well-timed content by publishing relevant content on peak hours of the particular event or holiday.

Organize Your Social Media Campaign

Supporting your seasonal content with a well-targeted social media campaign is always a good idea. Not to mention a well-timed content is not only determined by the right circumstance of when it is posted, but also by its actual content. Providing informative, helpful, emotional, and enjoyable material to your demographic should still be the leading factor.

Put together a detailed campaign brief. This includes keywords, ideas for social media graphs, hashtags, and additional angles to think about. You can work this out within a spreadsheet, or plot and schedule your campaigns with providers such as Hootsuite.

While good quality content still matters more than your timing, it will not harm you to be smart when it comes to this kind of marketing. After all, content is an extension of your products and services and anything that comes out senseless and irrelevant might affect your business potentials.

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