Should Your Business Be Using Pay Per Click Ads?

It Depends:

Pay Per Click advertising is the quickest way to get new customers calling your business. With that said, it’s also the quickest way to lose money with marketing if you do it incorrectly. We’ve yet to find an advertising platform that doesn’t want your money. 



Google AdWords: This advertising platform is great for businesses whose customers are searching for their service on Google. This platform allows you to create advertisements that show up at the top of Google and all across the internet on Google’s partner sites. You target your customers based on their search phrases and location. This works hand in hand with search engine optimization services because you’ll be able to see exactly which paid keywords result in the majority of your traffic and sales.

With this information, you can make smart decisions on which keywords you want your website to show up for organically. Keep in mind, paid traffic will always be more expensive than organic traffic because natural traffic is when customers find your website in the search results below the map listings, not by clicking an ad. Organic traffic is the result of successful search engine optimization. 

Google’s PPC ads are a great way to supplement traffic for your business while waiting for your website to improve its natural search visibility. Once your website ranks organically, you could begin to cut back on the keywords you’re paying. A study showed that only roughly 6% of searchers will click on a paid ad, the rest clicking mainly on the top three organic listings.

Read more about this study here.

Facebook Ads: This form of advertising is much different than Google Adwords because this is disruption marketing. With Google ads, your customers are seeking your service, with Facebook you’re grabbing their attention and asking for action. Facebook Ads are also a fantastic way to increase your brand awareness and reach in your local marketplace. Facebook works exceptionally well for structured giveaways and special offers. To learn more about how each advertising platform can help your specific business, please give us a call – (703) 895-0737

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